An allergy is an immune system response to a foreign substance that’s not typically harmful to your body. These foreign substances are called allergens. They can include certain foods, pollen, or pet dander. Your immune system normally adjusts to your environment. For example, when your body encounters something like pet dander, it should realize it’s harmless. In people with dander allergies, the immune system perceives it as an outside invader threatening the body and attacks it.

Treatment FAQs: 

What are some side effects of allergy skin testing?

Skin testing is generally well tolerated. The most common reaction is local itching and swelling of the test site which resolves within a few hours. Other possible side-effects include itching of the eyes, nose, throat; runny nose, wheezing, light-headedness, hives, and nausea. Strongly positive reactions may induce low blood pressure and shock in an extremely rare circumstance. The staff is trained in inappropriate management of each of the above possible reactions.

Does allergen immunotherapy work and will it work for me?

Most patients with appropriate histories and skin testing will show a significant response to IT. This has been well documented in the literature in numerous studies over many years. However, a specific response is based on many variables including patient-specific factors, specific allergens and environmental factors.

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