Depending on your skin’s need, we have different cleanups and facials, for acne prone skin, oily skin, dry skin & tanned skin. You may expect a salon, but you’ll walk in to find out it’s a whole lot different and better.

The basic steps in a clean up are deep cleansing and scrubbing, anti-tan, gentle steaming and extraction, more extensive extraction and exfoliation when indicated, skin lightening or hydrating creams using an ultrasound technology, customized facial mask.  You will conclude your treatment with a moisturizer

and sunscreen to maximize your skin’s protection.

Treatment FAQs:

What is skin polishing?

It is a process that gently exfoliates polishes the skin.

A small vacuum is used to bring your skin in contact with crystals that tenderly remove the top layer of dead skin. It is helpful in treating skin conditions such dull or rough skin. Although it is most commonly used on the face, it can be also used on the skin of the neck, back and hands as well.

How often should I do cleanups/facials?

Generally, facials are recommended once a month. However, you can discuss your specific needs, desired outcomes, and schedule with our dermatologist.

What is the difference between a medical facial and at home or salon facial?

A professional facial includes products, equipment, and above all the expertise of the cosmetologist or therapist who is performing the facial, three things you cannot recreate at home. Cosmetologists have access to stronger skin care products than the average consumer can purchase, and additionally have the training to know how to use those products effectively and safely.

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