It is a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure able to provide a fresh, rejuvenated, natural look similar to a facelift; popularly referred to as the “lunch hour lift”. Fine threads, which are absorbable, barbed suture product having fine filaments are inserted and advanced under the skin along pre-marked contours. They become fixed to the underlying tissue and then smoothen out.  The body produces new bundles of collagen around each filament and this, in turn, creates a subtle yet effective lifting effect.

Treatment FAQs:

What can be treated with a Thread Lift?

Threads may be used to lift or balance out sagging or asymmetric eyebrows, sagging cheeks, mid & lower face and neck soft tissue. It can also be used for body parts like tummy, thighs & breasts.

Who is a good candidate?

Men and women in their thirties to sixties with moderate drooping in the brow, face and neck make ideal candidates. Patients should be physically healthy and realistic in their expectations.

Is anesthesia used? Is it painful? What’s the recovery like?

Local anesthesia is typically used for the procedure. It involves very minimal pain or discomfort. In general, patients will need to avoid activities that risk dislodging or otherwise causing trauma to the threads for the first three weeks after the procedure.

How safe is the procedure? How much actual lifting can be achieved?

It is very safe as it is minimally-invasive associated with no scarring. The threads themselves are comprised of a polypropylene material which has been used as surgical sutures for years. Recovery time too is minimal. In general, patients can often achieve a 30% improvement after a thread lift, apparent almost immediately but get better in the coming 4-6 weeks.

Are the results permanent?

The threads are non-absorbable. The lift effect generally lasts for 3-5 years, when the natural ageing process takes the lead over our efforts. However, the length of the results will vary. Additional threads may be required as maintenance, later.

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