One hair removal method that can be considered permanent is electrolysis. The procedure requires burning the hair follicles and damaging them so much that your body is unable to repair them. With the follicles damaged, they cannot sprout new hair.

Treatment FAQs: 

What treatments are available for hair removal?

Waxing, shaving, and the use of depilatory creams are well-established methods for hair removal, albeit temporary. Electrolysis is the traditional method for permanent hair reduction but is often painful, time-consuming, and inefficient. These days, the most popular and most effective method for hair removal is the use of lasers and intense pulsed light systems which have been specifically designed to destroy many hair follicles in a short time, and with little chance of complications. People are interested in hair reduction because it involves new and efficient technology, and because the effects are permanent in over 80% of patients

Can all skin colors be treated? 

Hair reduction works best on fair-skinned individuals with brown or black hairs. It is not effective for fine white or gray hairs. It cannot be used on darker skin types such as individuals of African American descent. Can all skin colors be treated?

What should I expect after treatment?

Some redness and slight swelling will be present in the area that has been treated; however, this should subside within 2-48 hours. Patients experience small red bumps around the hair follicles that can itch and last up to 2 weeks. In this instance, over-the-counter 1% hydrocortisone cream can be applied 3-4x daily.

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